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ClickOnce deployment (Publish) ignores InstallUrl in command line builds (msbuild) [EN]

When you change InstallUrl property in Visual Studio 2010 ClickOnce property pages and publish your solution, new value is honored and embedded into application manifest file. Everything works as expected.

But when you do it through a build file (eg. targets) and build it directly using msbuild, new value is ignored. Rebuild does not help.

To successfuly change this particular property, you need to pass new value for InstallUrl directly to msbuild and force a rebuild. It's the only working solution I have found.

The following example script works as expected:

msbuild My.sln /t:Publish /p:Configuration="Rebuild;Release" /p:InstallUrl="http://my.new.url.com/"
Opublikowane 6 grudnia 2010 21:00 przez Bysza
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