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Windows 7 BitLocker constantly asks for USB key after TPM was disabled and reenabled in BIOS

I use Bitlocker with my laptops and I recommend it for everyone.

Unfortunately after a "strange" reboot my computer didn't start as usual, but asked for USB drive with key.
And it kept asking for it every time.

Quick bios check showed that TPM module has been disabled. I enabled it.
Then I initialized TPM module in Windows. This still didn't resolve the problem, even that command
manage-bde -protectors -get c:
showed that all configured key protectors are present: external key and TPM.

I deleted the TPM protector by
manage-bde -protectors -delete c: -type tpm
and added it once again by
manage-bde -protectors -add c: -tpm

Update: if you receive a message saying you don't have TPM ownership, please use the following command to obtain it, and then retry the command above:
manage-bde -tpm -t -o <enter owner password>

It solved the problem and now I can boot without being asked for key on my usb drive.
Hope this helps.
Opublikowane 4 kwietnia 2012 21:28 przez Bysza
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